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Stryker is annoying!

Wanted to give it a 5 for Ermac but had to give it a 1 for Striker. He was so annoying I didn't get the satisfaction of seeing him die.

Also the Goku thing was lame.

Gotta point this out...

First off, its a spoof, so in order to make it original, you gotta do what no one else has thought of. Bad commentary from the characters only makes it seem dumb.

The animation is mostly tweens and graphics you over worked on.

Your interface for your menu needs to be worked on btw. There is no link from the easter egg menu back to the play menu.

I will be flat out honest, this animation sucks for these reasons.

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Game is huge waste of time and has no charm. Give it a shot if you want, but you will see what I mean.

FelipeBudinich responds:

I'm sorry you did not like the game, do you have any ideas on how we could make a better version next time?

Really bad

Nothing against ya, but this game is horrible. Besides the concept being unoriginal, the controls are too stiff, the larger shapes are TOO dominant, the mouse version is too sluggish.

You also have a music glitch, if you press M, it restarts the song sometimes


yay newgrounds april fools day jokes

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Sorry for the long review...

first off the drawing style is awesome really nicely done, plus its traditional graphite which is a plus.

I have a theory on this drawing though, that this was doctored, because I found it strange that both faces had the exact same proportion, especially in the eyes (one eye is lower then the other). Despite the fact that is easily done when using tracing paper, you got it exact down to the very detail. The hairlines are different, but the faces and hair objects are EXACTLY the same, give or take some minor differences in lighting and dirty surfaces, which makes it more convincing. The part that got me were the ghosts in the hair match each other perfectly.

Not gonna throw any accusations just some observations that 90% of both images mimic each other down to the pixel.

Even still you didnt mention whether it was photoshopped or not and you still achieved your main goal of creating a nice looking artwork. Brilliant composition, you pulled it off nicely with the loop the hair creates with the face. besides one of the eyes being off the only thing I see that I disagree with is the background.

nice mix

Usually I critique hard when it comes to works that look divided, however this looks very smooth and nicely executed. The stroke difference when it comes to the skin, feathers and background also makes it more interesting.

The only problem I see is the rotation of both of the hands, both rotations seem impossible in comparison to elbow placement, you might need to show more rotation in the fore arms.

Besides that, awesome work, definitely gonna fav :D.

holy shiest!

That dinosaur has one hell of a bicep!

overall this work is pretty sweet. its pretty clear that this is probably one of your more faster works that gets the main focus accross, in which you did a good job on.

The only problems I see falls under a matter of opinion, such as some of the awkward proportions in the dinosaurs arms and legs. other then that, brilliant work :D.


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